Journey Alaska – Summer Term

Location: Anchorage, AK

Dates: May 26, 2021 -
August 6, 2021

Cost: $5,000 + Roundtrip Airfare

Journey with us as we serve with local churches within the state of Alaska in order to reach their community. We will journey to several areas of the state in order to help serve the churches, evangelize the lost, and reach Alaska! Our churches need help with community ministry, outreach, and VBS.


  • A minimum of 1 year of college completed

Additional Details

Proposed Schedule:

  • Sunday: Church, Rest, Weekly Planning
  • Monday – Friday:
    • 7 AM – Breakfast & Team Chapel
    • 8:30 AM – Ministry Projects
    • 12 Noon – Clean-up & Lunch
    • 2 – 4 PM – Devotion / Prep / Ministry Projects
    • 5 PM – Dinner
    • 6 PM – Evening Ministry / Evangelism / Devotion
    • 11 PM Lights Out
  • Saturday: Off Day / Planned Off Day / Travel Day

Spiritual Development

Scott & Dana Belmore and other leaders will be pouring into and meeting with the students to make sure they are being nurtured during their time here in Alaska. We will also have small groups that the students will be involved in to help them with growth and development over the summer.


Volunteers will be staying in local churches.

Teams will prep their own meals.

There will be 15 passenger vans to transport volunteers.

Useful Skills

Creative, fluid, extrovert, physically fit, driven, self-starter, hard-working, hospitable, gracious, approachable, responsive to change, enjoy outdoors, sensitive, alert, and prepared to share the Gospel.