1-Minute Missions Motivators!

Why send students on mission? Check out what these college leaders have to say. And then make your own videos to motivate your students!

David E. – New Mexico


Hey! Can I ask you a couple of questions? Are you willing to make yourself available to serve as a summer missionary this year? You know Isaiah 65:1 the Lord says “I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me. I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call my name, I said here am I, here am I.” God’s working all over the world and he’s ready to use you to proclaim the gospel wherever you might go. Are you willing to be available? I know there are hesitation and barriers that sometimes we face. I know, but ya know God is able to use you and move you forward in your future in a way that will surprise you and everyone else. Make yourself available. Will you? I hope so!

Shannon R. – Texas


Why should you do mission? Well, because Jesus commands it for one thing. But also the things that you learn on mission, the friendships you make, and also what you learn from the communities you serve with you can bring back to use in your own context. If you’re only learning from one place you’re not expanding what God is doing in the world and what he might want to do through you where you’re at, but maybe with a different strategy, a different purpose, a different format. So definitely because Jesus commands us to do it but also the experiences that you can bring back that you learn from the people that you serve and that you can be better at sharing the gospel with other.

Marilyn M. – Maine


There are a lot of reasons why I encourage students to do mission trips. As a college student it gives you an opportunity to grow as a person, spiritually, and as a leader. An opportunity to do hands-on work with the things you’ve learned in the classroom. Mission trips also become a valuable and life-changing experience during your college years. I’m Marilyn and I’m from Maine. I encourage students to go on mission trips because it helps them grow. It also helps them spread the word of God and to make an impact that lasts long after the trip is over. It also reminds us that it’s not about us, but as we serve others, we’re helping other people see how God has grown our faith. It’s also cross-cultural. You gain relationships and see places that you’ve never been before. You’re making a difference in someone else’s life. God’s not asking students to be the strongest in their faith. He’s just asking them to follow him. Missions is a natural response to that call to follow him.

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