Evangelism is the intrinsic motivation of Jesus’ discipleship efforts. Jesus prepares his disciples for this mission by modeling and engaging them with a knowledge of God’s goodness. The resources provided on this site are to equip those in college ministry.

Evangelism resources below are in four categories of outreach emphasis.  Ministries may be strong in one or more of these area, but struggle in others.  All four are present in a well-balanced, collegiate evangelism strategy.   The four categories are:

First Contact

These events are intended to help you initially connect with students, mainly for publicity. At a First Contact event, you will have time to share some form of basic information about who you are or flyer for an event. This helps you spread your net wide by letting students know you exist on campus.​


Conversational Outreach

These events take your contact with students further than publicity and reach into personal conversation. At a Conversational Outreach event, you should be able to engage students about their day, their hobbies, and other things individual to them. Through these conversations, you will most likely have a natural way to invite them into deeper conversation or relationship, whether personally inviting them to an upcoming event or (if appropriate) asking for a follow-up coffee conversation or gospel appointment!​


Community Integration

These events aim to provide fun ways to integrate believing and seeking students into community with one another so that the gospel can be known and proclaimed through relationship and more personal conversation. At a Community Integration event, a seeking student will come into contact with multiple believers, be welcomed into campus family fun, and leave knowing that they had multiple new potential friendships within your community.​


Evangelism Strategies

Many colleagues around the nation are utilizing excellent strategies to reach their campuses, and we want to build each other up to love and good work! (Hebrews 10:24) These articles will encourage you in continually molding, casting, implementing, and guarding your personal evangelism and your overall campus ministry vision.


Gospel Proclamation

We do not want to neglect Gospel Proclamation events on our campus. These events seek to provide you with creative ideas to boldly and contextually share the gospel directly on campus.

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