Lego Lunch

Miriam Rainwater Director, Northwest Collegiate Ministries’, Portland State University, Oregon

One of our desires as a BCNet Evangelism Committee is to provide collegiate directors with ideas for evangelism on their campus. We have provided ideas in four categories: First Contact, Conversational Outreach, Community Integration, and Gospel Proclamation. We hope that the following Conversational Outreach event will be useful to you and your students!


Having trouble reaching the nerdy engineers on your campus? We discovered that if we empty a giant bucket of Legos on a table in a central area of the engineering building during the lunch hour, all of them turn into eight year olds challenging each other to build the coolest airplane or tallest self-supporting structure! Hosting this event is simple. You’ll need the following:

  • Lots and lots of Legos! (We bought a few basic sets and added a few random sets from Ebay. If you do buy from Ebay, please wash them prior to use!)
  • Tables (at least one for during lunch eating and one for Legos)
  • Students and staff willing to spread out among the students for conversation
  • Promotion materials/spiritual surveys/conversational prompt
  • Pizza and plates (if you decide to provide lunch–we typically make it a brown-bag lunch situation where everyone brings their own)


Before the event, scope out where you can set up on campus near heavy traffic around lunch. Invite students to come over and eat their lunch nearby and jump into lego building when they are finished. Prep your conversational prompt or have a plan for how you will engage students with a spiritual survey. 


Enjoy your time of building together! Keep your eyes open for others nearby who might be interested in joining and invite them over. Engaging others either through natural conversation or a conversational prompt of the week can lead to further interest in spiritual discussion or give an opportunity to invite them to an event, small group, etc.


  • Invite some men or women from your local church who are in engineering fields and have them use the time for mentoring/discipling these students! They will have just as much fun building with Legos!
  • Have a few other types of building materials available (Lincoln Logs, Magnetic Sticks & Marbles, paper for origami, etc.)

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