Miriam Rainwater Northwest Collegiate Ministries’ (NCM) Director, Portland State University, Oregon

One of our desires as a BCNet Evangelism Committee is to provide collegiate directors with ideas for evangelism on their campus. We have provided ideas in four categories: First Contact, Conversational Outreach, Community Integration, and Gospel Proclamation. We hope that the following First Contact event will be useful to you and your students!  Banantrons 5


Banantrons is an event intended to be hosted during midterms or finals when students are in need of scantrons for tests. To host Banantrons, you will need the following:

  • Bananas
  • Scantrons
  • Promotion materials (works best if you have a specific fun community event post-midterms you are inviting them to engage in!)
Banantrons 6


Before the event, purchase bananas and scantrons and print flyers. We prefer to print a single-sided flyer inviting them to a fun event after midterms week and then take time after a group meeting together to hand write encouraging notes on the back of the flyer!Banantrons 7


Find a high-traffic place on campus where you can catch students in between classes. Even better, split up into pairs and be in multiple places all over campus! Consider the types of classes held in different buildings on your campus to be most effective; art students don’t tend to use scantrons often, but business and engineering students do! Ask passing students if they need a snack and/or scantron for an upcoming test. This event is very easy, but allows you to raise awareness that your group exists on campus and gives you a practical way to show love by meeting simple, specific needs during midterms week!

Banantrons 8

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