4 People You Need to Meet on Your Campus

Eric Reiber, Director of New Life Student Fellowship (BCM), Penn State University

These are valuable people on your campus that can help you organize and benefit the ministry:

Head of Student Activities

To become a recognized student organization on campus comes with many benefits with access to the student body. With that access comes both rules and procedures to maintain that access, which is why it is important to create a good relationship with the Head of Student Activities. Learn how to navigate the system. For some ministers whose groups are promoting student life well, their relationship with the Head of Student Activities will be an added bonus for access and favor to university funds.

Counseling on Campus and in Town

If you work with the young adult population you know that anxiety, depression, and history of abuse is very high. There will be some situations that you may not be equipped or resourced to handle. Creating trusting relationships with the counseling center on campus and in town is important. Are there counselors who are supportive of the Christian world view? Figure out the pricing and insurances of Christian counselors in town. It is a beneficial partnership when you can confidently refer a student to someone you trust from the local Christian body who has experience with students.

Room Assignment Staff

Many ministries do not have their own building or use space on campus. Make friends with the people who assign and approve rooms. It is such a blessing to have a friend in case of last-minute adjustments to a schedule or if you are ambitious in trying something new on campus. Thank them frequently, as best as you can follow procedures, and share with them the benefits their job plays for your student ministry. Also, befriend the staff who sets up and cleans up rooms as well.

Other Ministers on Campus

Most likely you are not the only Christian presence on your campus, and your group probably cannot reach the whole of campus by itself. Build trusting relationships with other ministers. Encourage and pray with each other. This removes the competition mentality that can form on campus, it aligns us with Jesus’ prayer in John 17.


It is important to see the value in building relationships with these five people for the sake of loving them. They are not a means to an end, but a win-win of connecting deep on your campus while helping support the ministry and students.

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