5 Ways to Be Larger in College Ministry

Arliss Dickerson

Ever wanted your college ministry to be larger? Well, making your ministry larger doesn’t always center around the number of students who attend, but rather it’s the quality of your ministry that truly makes it great and impactful. Here are five key ways to be larger in campus ministry.

1.  Look for colleagues in ministry that you can encourage and mentor. If you have been in college ministry five years or longer, you have a ton of experience and understanding that younger College Ministers need. Intentionally choose to speak into the life of someone who would benefit from it. Sometimes, they just need someone to listen to their frustrations. It will keep you fresh!

2.  Write something. It can be an article, a blog or do a Bible study and give it away.

3.  Speak out on current topics. NO…don’t make dumb political comments on Facebook. What are characteristics of young adults today? What are the needs you see expressed in the lives of young people? What can parents do to help their college student?

4. Volunteer. Tell churches you will lead a seminar for high school seniors headed to college or one for their parents. Help the campus enlistment office stuff bags for freshmen orientations, etc.

5. Learn from someone who is LARGER. Who do you know that is larger in college ministry or just life in general. Ask for their advice and feedback. Take them to lunch and ask questions. Just watch and learn. Don’t imitate them, but learn from them.

Arliss Dickerson | arlissdickerson@gmail.com | www.collegeministrythoughts.blogspot.com


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