Are Your Students Allured by the Deep End?

Conan Sherlin

As a young man growing up in Southern Appalachia, Conan Sherlin never had the opportunity for much swimming. He learned some basics during a beach trip one year, but even with that modest lesson, he wasn’t a very good swimmer. He didn’t practice the sport or improve on the mere basics he had been taught. However, he distinctly remembers being invited to a pool party in high school. Everyone else dove right in, swam, played, and goofed around directly in the deep end. He really didn’t want to stay in the shallow end treading water. Before long, he was literally in over his head. He left that day with a strong desire to never swim again.

He hadn’t yet mastered the basics of swimming, so trying to spend time in the deep end was too much.

In a similar way, many college students lack an understanding of the fundamentals of Christianity. Still, they try to push into the deep end of the faith as quickly as possible.

In this blog for LifeWay Young Adults, Conan Sherlin explains why he’s convinced that no spiritual growth happens until a commitment is made to study, read, hear, meditate, and memorize God’s Word. Read the full article here.

Conan Sherlin is the Baptist Collegiate Ministry Director at Nicholls State University in South Louisiana. He lives in Thibodaux, Louisiana with his wife Christy and their four kids (Evie, Ada, Haddie, and Gilford). Connect with Conan via Twitter: @nsherlin10.

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