Beginning a Church Based College Ministry

Joe Graham

Step One      Reality Check #1 – How much time do I really have to invest in this?

Step Two      Reality Check #2 – Do I really have a heart for this or is this item #14 on a fourteen item job description?

Step Three    Leave your guilt behind! You have limited time and limited resources. That is life! The God who sends manna from Heaven and turns water into wine can bless your efforts too. If you focus on what you can’t do instead of committing to do what you can, you’ll never move forward.

Step Four      Assess – Analyze your current situation.

A. How many collegiate groups do we really have? Mostly residential – away, commuters – living at home, away at college – home on weekends, etc.

B. Who are the people in this congregation with a passion for collegians?

C. What are the resources available to us? Space? Materials? Budget?

D. What obstacles stand in the way?

E. How will you use your limited time – doing the ministry or equipping others?

Step Five     Design – Begin formulating a ministry plan.

A. Don’t go another step until you involve the person(s) who will assist and at least a few of your COLLEGIANS.

B. Collegians need genuine leadership roles and responsibilities.

C. Start with the largest identifiable group, a person with passion for collegiate ministry, and guide them to make the plans for their ministry. Ownership of the ministry, by the students, is critical.

Step Six      Implement! Dive in somewhere!

A. But – don’t add another group until you find an adult who is ready to invest in that group.

B. When you have more than one group functioning, your role will need to be one of facilitation, training, and encouragement.

Step Seven   Periodically – Assess it again. Always be ready to assess and make the subtle (or not so subtle) changes necessary to keep things working.

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