Campus Connect: A Blueprint for Advocacy and Action

OneLife is a human needs initiative committed to Jesus Christ and His global mission: to serve others, one life at a time. OneLife supports multiple causes and focuses on different people groups, cultures and needs around the world. OneLife projects care coordinated by missionaries who facilitate long-term ministries meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of the people groups they serve.One Life Logo

OneLife projects are supported by advocates who use their time, money, energy, skills, influence and every resource to share Christ and serve those in spiritual and physical need. OneLife gives missions a name, a face and a place – changing the world one life at a time.

OneLife Campus Connect is a strategy to:

  • Raise awareness for a global cause
  • Advocate for a OneLife human needs project
  • Share the Gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ on campus

What do I do?

  1. Choose one of the many OneLife projects (One Child, One Refugee, etc.) at www.onelifematters.org/projects.
  2. Register your project at go@onelifematters.org and let us know which project you chose, the name of your school, the date of your project, and how you are planning to promote your cause.
  3. Set up a public, on-campus interactive simulation experience that creatively displays an urgent human need and draws attention to your cause
  4. Raise awareness and collect donations to support your global cause
  5. Continue on-campus interaction with students you met during the simulation

How do I get started?

  • Do the research
    • Watch videos, look at photos and read stories at www.onelifematters.org/projects
    • Learn more about your project by calling OneLife at 804-219-1363
    • Search the web for global statistics about the cause you have selected (ie. clean water)
    • Create a one-page fact sheet with basic information you want people to know
    • Discover how to personally serve with field missionaries who coordinate your project
  • Enlist a team from your Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM), local church or group of students who commit to this specific project. Make sure there is a designated student leader or “go to” person who is responsible for the leadership of the project.
  • Make it happen – get permission from your school and do it!
  • Follow up – collect and count the money received and send it to the IMB at P.O. Box 6767 Richmond, Virginia 23230 Attn: Student Mobilization. Let us know how it went and send pictures!

 *** For additional information and suggestions, get a copy of the OneLife Campus Connect booklet by emailing us at go@onelifematters.org  or by calling 804-219-1363.

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