Campus Multiplication Network

“Over half of colleges and universities have little to no gospel presence on them. We’re not okay with that …” is the opening message that greets you on the Campus Multiplication Network’s homepage.  CMN is designed to train and equip campus ministry leaders in the “how to” of pioneering a new campus ministry or seeing evangelistic momentum in an established ministry. We share CMN’s desire to see new work on new campuses and participation in CMN’s training has been vital in the campus ministry lives of several Baptist Campus Ministers and their ministries.

Ken Harmon the Director of Northwest Collegiate Ministries says, “CMN has been so significant in the lives of our campus ministers in the network. It has broadened their vision and provided tools to help expand their strategy to more effectively multiply their mission and ministry.”

Here are three brief testimonies on how the Campus Multiplication Network has impacted Baptist Campus Ministers.

Adam Venters, Baptist Campus Ministry Director at University of South Carolina

“You get some really easy, practical training on how to map the campus, how to think through your strategy for reaching students and doing evangelism.”

Meg Craig, Baptist Student Ministry in San Antonio, Texas

“One of the biggest things was the lesson on prayer: praying for your campus, getting ready to launch on the campus and how important prayer is for that.”

Colin Rhodes, Baptist Campus Ministry at University of Florida

“As a new staff member it has been really easy for me to get bogged down in a lot of menial tasks, but the CMN training really casts vision for what’s important to do and what to be focusing on.”

Hopefully, you can see that CMN is a great campus ministry tool. If you are an established ministry, it can help you create a vision for reaching those who are not already being reached on your campus. It might even encourage your ministry to establish a new ministry on another campus with little or not gospel centered work. If you are new to campus ministry, CMN could equip you with the tools necessary to build a strong ministry foundation that will deliver benefits for years or even decades.

For more information or to apply to be part of a Campus Multiplication Network cohort check out www.campusmultiplicationnetwork.com.

If you are connected with Baptist Campus Ministries or a church based collegiate ministry in partnership with the Southern Baptist Convention, there may be available resources through the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to help facilitate your participation in the Campus Multiplication Network. Contact Paul Worcester at pworcester@namb.net for more information.

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