Collegiate Church Planting Team Update

The BCNet Church Planting Team exists to elevate and accelerate the starting of new churches by engaging collegians in church planting efforts.Church Plant Worship

Those serving on the team include:

  • Chad Ellis (chair)- BCM Campus Minister Clayton State University (GA)–chadoncampus@gmail.com
  • Chad Frank – Pastor H20 Kent State (OH)
  • David James – Collegiate Ministry Team Leader (AR)
  • Daniel Kim – Pastor GracePoint San Diego (CA)
  • Ed Travers – Pastor NewLife OSU (OH)
  • Keith Wieser – Pastor Resonate Church (WA, ID)

Upcoming Projects & Events:

Collegiate Church Collaborative, October 23-24, 2013, Berkeley, CA

The Collaborative is a national gathering of Collegiate Ministry strategists and Collegiate Church practitioners. Video dialogues will be available at CollegiateChurches.com.


Collegiate Church Planter/BCM Campus Ministry Round Table, TBA, Atlanta, GA

This unique gathering will give Collegiate Church Planters and BCM Campus Ministers an opportunity to discuss reaching and serving our campuses. Video dialogues will be available at CollegiateChurches.com.


Hitchhikers Guide to Resonate, April 4-7, 2014, Pullman, WA

Hitchhikers Guide to Cornerstone, TBA Spring 2014, Ames, IA

An opportunity to learn about two leading collegiate-reaching church plants. Get an insider’s look at their philosophy, systems and strategies.


Learn more about the Collegiate Church Collaborative at http://vimeo.com/collaborative

Interested in connecting with a church plant for a short-term missions project or Spring Break trip? Watch for churchplantingroadtrip.com to go live this Fall.


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