Collegiate Collective Coming May 7!!

What is Collegiate Collective?

Collegiate CollectiveCollegiate Collective set out a few months ago to reinvent the way that leaders in college ministry connect to and share ideas for reaching students with the gospel.

On May 7, we’re rolling out a brand new web resource to enable anyone and everyone who is engaged in ministering to college students to have a place to go to ask those burning ministry questions. With the launch of CollegiateCollective.com, everyone is invited into the conversation.

What makes Collegiate Collective different?

  • Collaboration – Using an extensive network of experienced and innovative collegiate ministry leaders, the Collective does not seek to be one authoritative voice, but rather a platform for many proven voices in collegiate ministry.
  • Application – The goal of Collegiate Collective is to provide practical information for the practicing ministry leader. We want to focus on the nuts-and-bolts of ministry.
  • Consistency – You can expect multiple pieces of fresh content every single week, in a variety of convenient formats, not to mention a searchable library of archived content – making the Collective a veritable encyclopedia of college ministry.

How can you become part of the Collective?

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