Engage24 Results and Update from BCNet Evangelism Team

The BCNet Evangelism Team exists to motivate Christian college students to share their faith on their campuses, resource students and collegiate ministry leaders for evangelism, and coordinate national evangelistic initiatives in which campus ministries and churches can participate.

Those serving on the team include:

Rob Warren (chair)—Pastor H2O Church, Bowling Green, OH

Bill Noe—Threads Event Coordinator, Nashville, TN

Brian Musser—BCM Director Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Chase Abner—IL Collegiate Evangelism Strategist, Springfield, IL

Christi Matthews—Associate BSM Director UTA, Arlington, TX

Doug Adams—College Pastor at Spotswood Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, VA

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One of the big efforts coordinated by the Evangelism Team is ENGAGE24.  Thanks to all who participated this year!  The reports shared by leaders have included some amazing highlights:

  • H2O Church in Bowling Green, OH utilized a week-long strategy for ENGAGE24 culminating with a special invitation to their church service on Sunday.  As a result, 55 individuals accepted Christ and are coming to classes at the church to learn about following up with baptism!
  • Williams Baptist College Campus Ministries combined with FCA on their campus to have an evangelistic emphasis that intentionally impacted athletes on their campus resulting in 11 professions of faith.
  • One student from the University of South Florida was able to share Christ with Hindus, Muslims, Jews, atheists, and agnostics all in one day, and the USF BCM reported 572 gospel conversations on their campus!

Those are just a few of the stories that have been reported.  Many campuses are still participating as they’ve made it part of their entire Fall strategy and therefore we’ve only received reports from SOME of the ministries who participated.  If you participated in ENGAGE24 and haven’t shared with us how things went on your campus, please take a second to fill out the report form and help us be able to better tell the Engage24 story!

Be sure to join us for ENGAGE24 next year on 10/14/14!

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