Evangelism Resource for your Campus!

You’ve heard of Soularium…right?  The BCNet Evangelism Team is offering this resource to your campus for a great deal of only $5/kit!Soularium

The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio (Ohio SBC) will continue to house a supply of Soularium kits for distribution via our arrangement with Rick James of Cru Press.  We will continue (for the foreseeable future) to distribute kits at the $5/kit plus shipping rate to student related ministry activities.  Here are the ordering steps that we need to put into place to continue and streamline the process:

Soularium Order Process:

  1. Email Ashleigh Moodie and CC Brian Frye – When making Soularium orders, email Ashleigh Moodie (amoodie@scbo.org) directly with your request, and also copy Brian Frye (bfrye@scbo.org) in the process. Ashleigh will handle filling, shipping, and billing related to the order. Brian will handle any problems that arise in the process, and he will keep in communication with Rick James on stock/supplies/needs.
  2. Have Billing and Shipping Address Ready for Invoicing – SCBO will send the Soularium kits to the address designated by the purchaser.  An invoice will be sent at the time of shipping, and the purchaser will then have 60 days from the shipping date to remit payment.  All payments need to come in the form of a check.  No credit cards or cash will be accepted.  Payment needs to be timely to keep fund and stock flows in order.  Thanks for your diligence here.
  3. Payment Information – All checks should be made payable to: “The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio”, Memo: “Soularium Kits Purchase -[NAME OF PERSON OR MINISTRY RECEIVING KITS]”
  4. Price of Kits & Timing – The pricing of kits is non-negotiable at $5/kit + shipping.  Orders will ship via UPS ground generally, so orders should arrive within 2 weeks.  However, please be mindful that Soularium distribution is an auxiliary function for SCBO, so please give them as much time as possible to fill orders.

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