ForColumbus 2015

We all long to be a part of a movement, a part of something bigger than ourselves. Many of us long to reach our neighbors, our campuses, and other nations for Christ.  The Southern Baptist Convention is a time-honored event that strives to unite believers and be good news to the cities in which they convene. Southern Baptists have always sought to do more than hold a large meeting where we gather, vote and worship but leave unchanged. Next year, a grand experiment will take place: What happens to a city when 1,000 college students come for ten days to learn, study, and serve? Even more pressing, what happens to those students who get a taste for church planting and head back to their campuses equipped and on fire?


Next summer, June 8-17, 2015, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1,000 college students will descend upon Columbus, OH to partner with local church planters to serve the city and to be equipped, discipled, and trained in church planting methodology.  The mayor of Columbus has identified needs and potential areas of service for these students to make an impact in the community. Students will get to partner with church plants and future church planters in order to get a hands on understanding and equipping in what it takes to reach all neighborhoods, all people groups, and all contexts for Christ. Come join a movement next summer in Ohio.

Check out the promo video for more info!

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