How to Help College Students Not Waste Summer Break

March 31, 2019
Steven Ackley
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With summer quickly approaching, college students all over the U.S. are dreaming about what they’ll do, where they’ll do it, and how much it will cost them—or how much they can make. What I wish someone would have said to me during those years is, don’t waste your summer!

There’s no denying that the college years have tremendous potential for resume building, networking, and even generating income. However, there’s some other potential during these years that can have tremendous influence for the kingdom of God. I would agree that the collegiate years—and specifically summers—are incredibly strategic times, but to what end?

In this blog for LifeWay Young Adults, Steven Ackley shares five ways college students can make the most of their summer break. Read the full article here.

Steven Ackley, his wife Emily, and their four kids live out their love for anything sports and Cookout milkshakes in Murfreesboro, TN where Steven serves as the NextGen and College Pastor at LifePoint Church. Steven holds a D.Min. and an MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. You can connect with him on Twitter.

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