International Student Ministry Prayer Guide: September

September 1: Pray for international students to be welcomed by American students and families.

September 2: Pray for the many international scholars that are making American university campuses their home.

September 3: Pray for international students struggling with language and cultural challenges.

September 4: Pray for churches to welcome international students.

September 5: Pray for open doors to Gospel conversations with international students.

September 6: Pray for relationship building opportunities for international students and American students.

September 7: Pray for Christian international students to find a church family to connect with while they are in America.

September 8: Pray for Baptist Campus Ministries to be intentional in engaging international students on campus.

September 9: Pray for the families of international students – that they may be engaged with the Gospel in their homeland.

September 10: Pray for the hearts of the international students to be softened to the Gospel message.

September 11: Pray for God to reveal Himself to international students and American students alike, on this anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

September 12: Pray for international students to excel in their studies.

September 13: Pray for international students to join seeker Bible studies and for God to use those studies to draw these students to Himself.

September 14: Pray for churches to see the opportunity to reach the nations in their community.

September 15: Pray for international students to be comforted in homesickness.

September 16: Pray for the hundreds of unreached people groups that are represented by international students on campuses all across the US.

September 17: Pray for American families to begin thinking about how they can share with international students over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

September 18: Pray for students that served as summer missionaries to intentionally engage those that they served among this summer that are represented on their campuses as international students.

September 19: Pray for God to use the presence of international students on campuses across the nation to see His heart for all nations.

September 20: Pray for follow-up to take place when international students return home through programs like International Student Referral.

September 21: Pray for the families of international students/scholars that are here in the US, that they too, may be welcomed by the American Church.

September 22: Pray for personnel in international student offices at universities across the nation – that they are diligent in working through the many details for international students.

September 23: Pray for the leadership of each country that is represented by an international student in your community.

September 24: Pray that God use this time to disciple those international students that have chosen to follow Him, that they may be missionaries to their homeland.

September 25: Pray for educational opportunities (internships, projects, etc.) to open up for international students to participate in.

September 26: Pray for American students to seek opportunities to show hospitality to international students.

September 27: Pray for an opportunity to engage one international student in a spiritual conversation today.

September 28: Pray for pastors to lead their congregation in a vision to reach the nations in their neighborhood.

September 29: Pray for a renewed passion and interest in international student ministry to spread across our college and university campuses.

September 30: Pray that God uses this prayer journey to continue to reveal to you the need and the opportunity that is international students on our campuses.

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