Marketplace Missions!

Do you have students who are committed followers of Jesus, but believe God wants them to live out their faith in the marketplace through their vocation? There are some great new resources available for them and you as a collegiate leader at the new IMB Marketplace Missions Website!marketplace missions

Some of the things you will find are:

  • E-Guides for several specific majors including Engineering, Nursing and Teaching (Education)…also an E-Guide for Business Professionals
  • A great piece entitled, Eight Important Questions to Help You Choose a Major
  • Several excellent videos, including Using Your Major for the Kingdom
  • Information on a Business as Mission internship with a link to apply

For more information about any of these resources contact the IMB Student Team at StudentTeam@imb.org, Chad Stillwell at 804-219-1434 (cstillwell@imb.org) or Van Simmons at 804-219-1371 (vsimmons@imb.org)

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