Is Your Ministry Broken or Bent…a Little?

Arliss Dickerson


None of us who do college ministry would argue that our ministry is ALL we want it to be or hope it will become.  Some ministries have become broken over time or as the result of neglect, etc. have just dwindled.  Over this past spring, I have tried to give thought to and determine possible solutions to what causes college ministries to be broken or bent…a little…or a whole lot.

It is my feeling that there are at least seven ministry killers that we see in different college ministries.  Some ministries may be suffering from  just one and there would be others that have multiple ministry killers at work.  The first step is identifying those negative factors at work in or around your ministry.  It can be difficult and even painful, but I believe it is the first step in God bringing healing and vitality to your college ministry.  As a College Minister, you are the greatest tool your ministry has!  God can use you to take it to the next level.  So, let’s see if anything you see here fits your ministry.


  1. The College Minister plays favorites and just hangs out with “the chosen few”.
  2. There is continual inappropriate behavior by student leaders.
  3. There is no joy or fun in the ministry….it is all painful “Get serious about Jesus talks.”.
  4. The ministry is trying to do a style or philosophy that does not fit the leader or the situation.
  5. It is just the same old, same old all the time. There is no energy or sense of God’s movement to it.
  6. There is a lack of excellence about everything that is done.
  7. There is a continual turnover of college ministry leadership causing no on-going momentum.

My personal project for the spring was to give thought to broken college ministries and how we might repair them and allow them to be all God would have them be.  If you are interested in knowing more about “Fixing a Broken College Ministry”, my thoughts and writing in this area are now in an eBook form that will soon be available on Amazon.  Your ministry may not be broken, but it is not nearly what you would have it to be.  Hopefully, this will be a beneficial tool to you and others.  I look forward to our having an on-going discussion as how to allow God to bring new life and vitality to all our ministries. So, I will be passing the word as soon as “Fixing a Broken College Ministry” is generally available.  Keep on!

Arliss Dickerson | arlissdickerson@gmail.com | www.collegeministrythoughts.blogspot.com

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