Explore the “World” in Maine – Semester

Location: Portland, ME

Dates: August 1, 2023 -
December 31, 2023

People Group: Varied

Cost: TBD

Explore the “world” & experience what God is doing across ME!! ME is diverse in population, culture, spirituality, landscape, vacation choices & more! You can be a part of making a difference in the spiritual climate by connecting with the people, establishing relationships and making disciples.


  • 3 years of college completed

The student/ young adult should have some knowledge of, or be willing to learn and embrace New England; be able to take and follow through on instructions given; establish relationships with others, be a team player, as well as an independent worker and be flexible in areas of ministry. The student/young adult should have some part-time job experience that can be useful in Maine, regardless of the option being considered. The ministry opportunities are varied and the individual should have several years of discipleship training, be a self-starter, and be comfortable in sharing their relationship with Christ with others who have no understanding of “church language”. The student should have a servant’s heart, be willing to be “about Christ” and not-self in all situations, be flexible and willing to learn, and give leadership as needed. The student will have the opportunity to work with a church, church planters, and association leaders in ministry, as needed. Maine is considered a vacation land and students should be physically able to participate in outdoor activities (hiking, skiing, rollerblading, etc.) since relational evangelism is utilized in ministry opportunities.

Additional Details

Number of students needed: 1 – Fall or Spring

Student will serve as a “bi-vocational” intern Options considered:

1 – Student/ young-adult will be employed in the area part-time

2 – Enrolled Student transfer to a Maine university, living & doing ministry on campus

3 – Graduate student working in required academic internship in area

In an area of less than 3% Christ-followers, Maine serves as the largest of all the New England States which makes it full of opportunities for college and university students. With 33 public & private colleges (both 4 year and community colleges) and an enrollment range from under 200 students to over 10,000 students, less than 13 campuses’ have any type of evangelical presence, although there are over 1000 student groups offered, including a variety of “spiritual” groups.

Spiritual Development

Student / young adult will meet weekly with the supervisor for one on one discipleship, connect to a small group as a participant, and be involved in a local church community. Opportunities to grow spiritually through giving leadership will also be provided for students.


Useful Skills

Musical talent; Ability to work with children; Knowledge of the outdoors; Willingness to learn and be curious; Speaking French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese, or Mongolian