Volunteer Information

The CollegeMinistry.com Missions online job board is a portal for ministries and volunteers to connect. CollegeMinistry.com Missions does not screen or assign volunteers and does not endorse any ministry over another. CollegeMinistry.com Missions is a service made possible by the Baptist Collegiate Network and is only available to ministries that meet the criteria and agree to the expectations outlined below. It is the responsibility of the ministries requesting volunteers through CollegeMinistry.com Missions to vet any volunteers according to their own concerns, insurance, and legal rules. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the volunteers to vet the requesting ministries according to their own personal concerns. Suggested due diligence actions for volunteers can be seen below. Email bcmlifemissions@gmail.com if you have questions.

A successful volunteer missions experience is largely dependent on clear expectations communicated and understood from the beginning of the process. CollegeMinistry.com Missions does not screen or assign any volunteers and does not act as an intermediary between ministries and volunteers. It is recommended that requesting ministries thoroughly screen any volunteers to be certain they are well qualified for the opportunity according to the ministries’ requirements and rules. Likewise, it is recommended that all volunteers learn as much as possible about the ministry where they intend to volunteer and about the work for which they are volunteering. Below are some suggestions of due diligence for requesting ministries and for volunteers.

Recommended steps of due diligence for volunteers:

Contact supervisor(s) directly to ask a supervisor for full job description, including all financial requirements.

Complete application, if requested by supervisor.

Some questions to ask during the exploratory process:

  • How much money will I need to bring with me for housing, food, local travel, ministry expenses, other?
  • Who will be my supervisor and how often will I meet with that person?
  • What will the housing arrangement be? (Where will I live and with whom?)
  • Who will meet me at the airport when I arrive?
  • Are the dates flexible?
  • If I can not serve the entire term, is that a problem?
  • Will I be allowed to return home or take any other personal trips (weddings, etc.) during my term of service?
  • Do you have liability insurance?

Make your travel arrangements to comply with the dates of service and requested arrival/departure times.

  • Secure Emergency Travel Insurance.