New Evangelism Resource–Great for Engage24!!

Good News!  A new evangelism resource is headed your way from Threads!  The new study, Engage, will be available starting August 1 and you can get your copy at

Engage Study

For those of you making plans for the new school year, we just wanted you to have the low-down on this upcoming resource in order to be able to implement it into your Fall or Spring programming.  Also, it would make a great training tool to help prepare your students to take part in Engage24 on 10/10/13 (www.engage24.org).

Here are some of the specifics for what this resource will include…as well as info on the authors:


Engage: A Practical Guide to Evangelism is a practically minded topical study (4 sessions) on the various areas of evangelism — understanding the gospel, why we should share it, how to defend the gospel, and how to share it. Geared for a no-prep small group experience, it will be facilitator led with a strong discussion focus. Follow-up personal study experiences will be provided and strongly encouraged.


Session 1: What Is the Gospel?
Purpose: An explanation of what the Bible says about God, sin, and Jesus’ role in reconciling us to our Creator. What does the “good news” mean, and how does that shape my life?

Session 2: Why Share the Gospel?
Purpose: Understanding the heart behind telling others about Christ and developing a passion for evangelism.

Session 3: How Do I Defend the Gospel?
Purpose: Prepare for spiritual attacks against the gospel when sharing with the lost.

Session 4: How Do I Share the Gospel?

Purpose: A practical look at how to share your faith story with unbelievers.


Session 1:  J.D. Greear is lead pastor of The Summit Church, a multi-site congregation in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Session 2:  Rob Turner is teaching pastor and team lead over Gathering Ministries at Apex Community Church in Kettering, Ohio.

Session 3:  Derwin Gray, a former NFL player, is the lead pastor of Transformation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Session 4:  Ben Reed is the small groups pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

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