Gray Areas–New Small Group Study Coming in January!

Mike Glenn


Looking for ideas to use with your small groups in the Spring semester?  Check out Threads latest resource, Gray Areas, to help your students navigate some of the “gray areas” that continually come up in our culture.  Here is a brief summary of the study and some details about the content and author:Compressed Gray Areas Cover

We live in a world of infinite possibilities, even when we’re addressing important moral and ethical issues.  For some questions, there just doesn’t seem to be right or wrong answers.  Worse, in other situations, there seem to be several right answers.  Not only do good people disagree, REALLY good people REALLY disagree.  A lot of the issues we face don’t have a direct Scriptural response and Gray Areas seeks to address some of these issues and give us guidance on how to address more of these issues throughout life.


  1. Is There Truth I Can Trust (In our quest for truth, how do we understand God’s love?)
  2. Honor Code (Reclaiming the often overlooked aspect of our pursuit for truth.)
  3. Addiction (God’s will is that you not live beholden to anything but Him.)
  4. Dating (Turning to God in a sex-crazed culture.)
  5. Divorce (What happens when a marriage breaks?)
  6. Sexual Identity (Can I be gay and a Christian?)
  7. Living in the Land of Shadows. (We no longer live in a Christian nation.)


  • Member Book includes Group Experience Facilitator Guide
  • Small-Group Kit includes:
    • Teaching DVD (10-15 minute teaching segment per session)
    • Media DVD
      • Promo Video
      • 15 second teaser clips for use on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
      • Content (short articles) to be used by leaders for blog posts or PDF distribution
      • Tweetable Quotes (also for Facebook)
      • Art/Images for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Blog Posts (one image per session) along with background art for Facebook and Twitter
      • Social Media Guide
      • Promo Poster

Author Bio:

Mike Glenn serves as Senior Pastor of Brentwood Baptist.  Since 1991, membership has skyrocketed from 900 to more than 8,500.  Known as a gifted communicator with a unique ability to speak into any generation, his passion is reaching young adults.

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