Sending Students On Mission: Denver, Colorado

One of the best things that college leaders get to do is be a part of sending students on a mission.  We love hearing stories about the impact on our students and ministries, but it is also very exciting to see how God works in the hearts of those to whom our students’ minister.

Josh Cook is the lead pastor of Dwell Church in Denver, Colorado. He shares here a little about his ministry and the benefits of having college students come to serve with them. 

Tell us about your church. 

Dwell Church is a new church plant in the heart of Denver, Colorado. We like to say that we are a family, defined by the love of God, and committed to giving it away. We want to welcome all of Denver to find a home in the Kingdom of God. Denver is a beautiful and growing city that is a magnet for young people. From the mountains to coffee shops, to all major sports teams, Denver is a nearly perfect place to live. The one thing it lacks, however, is a faithful Gospel presence. Less than 10% of people living in Denver have an active relationship with Jesus. Dwell Church exists to change that and we would love to have you join us in this mission. 

What opportunities are there for college students to come help with? 

We have numerous opportunities for BCMs and churches to send out teams throughout the year, but our most impactful way to serve is through the GenSend Summer program. Every Summer, college students from all around the country come to Denver to serve our city, help build the church, and learn more about who God has made them to be and what He has for them to do. 

How does your ministry benefit by having college students come to serve?

We love hosting college students. Many of our church members are college-aged or newly graduated, so the connection is immediate. Denver is also a city of young people and there are tons of people who moved out right after school and are desperate for connection. For as much as we think and make plans, just being a faithful Christian, living a good life, and serving a local church makes you different from most Denverites. It takes Christians just like you to make new disciples, and we need more faithful laborers to step into this harvest field. 

How can leaders and students contact you to get involved?  

To get involved, students can check out GenSend.org or reach out to me directly at josh@dwelldenver.org

Looking for opportunities for your students? 

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