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The BCNet Evangelism Team exists to motivate Christian college students to share their faith on their campuses, resource students and collegiate ministry leaders for evangelism, and coordinate national evangelistic initiatives in which campus ministries and churches can participate.

Those serving on the team include:

  • Doug Adams — College Pastor at Spotswood Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Evan Blackerby — Consultant-Futurist, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
  • Brian Frye — National Collegiate Evangelism Strategist, NAMB
  • Kevin Stacy (chair) — Collegiate Projects Specialist, NAMB
  • Justin Woods — BCM Director United States Naval Academy

Stories from 2014

BCM at Francis Marion University held a 24-hour prayer event on campus in conjunction with Engage24, and through their students’ gospel conversations saw 15 new professions of faith!

Students at the University of South Florida BCM in Tampa, FL had over 400 gospel conversations on Engage24, and 20 of the students who participated said it was the first time they had shared their faith with someone!

Many other ministries from across the country reported participating in Engage24, and tailoring it to fit their own campus. Some showed movies on the lawn, some hosted flag football games, and others and others devoted the entire week to intentionally meeting new students and sharing the gospel on campus. At the end of the day, thousands of gospel conversations were reported and many decisions for Christ were made!

Will you Engage on 10.15.15?

This year we are hoping to see more ministries than ever be part of Engage24! One exciting development is that many churches are following the lead of campus ministries and adopting Engage24 as an initiative for their entire congregations as well!

Promotional Videos:

Putti’s Story – Short Version, Long Version

What is Engage24?

How to Engage24

For more information, including evangelism resources, check out www.engage24.org

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