Update from the BCNet Church Based Team

The Church Based Team works to mobilize and resource local church leadership in ministering to college students, and to provide church ministry & campus ministry (BCM, BSU, BSM, etc.) partnership models and opportunities.

Those serving on the team include:

Christian Anders – Minister to Collegiates & Twenty-Somethings, Istrouma Baptist, Baton Rouge, LA

Matt Geddie – College Minister, Travis Ave. Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, TX

Jeff Jones – Director, University of Memphis BCM, Memphis, TN – Chairman

Cris Lowery – Collegiate Ministries Specialist, Baptist General Convention of OK, Oklahoma City, OK

Josh Mauldin – Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Fayettville, AR

Steve Masters – Director, Louisiana State University BCM, Baton Rouge, LA

A few highlights from the Church Based Team’s focus in the past year includes:

  • Help tackle the transitional process that can sometimes seem like a large chasm between graduating out high school seniors and getting them involved & invested in a church when going off to college. A few resources that have been helpful in this process have been the addition of partner churches to the BCM Life website. Churches can be added to this website that lets students and families know of churches that are actively engaged in ministering to college students.
  • Maintained www.sbccampusconnect.net which is the website where churches and individuals can share contact info for high school graduates as they begin college.  This transitions website allows the contact info to get to Baptist ministries on campus that can reach out to those new students.
  • Continued work on a national emphasis to help college students connect with local churches.  In 2015, Nov. 15 was designated as Why Church Day–a day when college students would be encouraged to join or commit to  a local church in their new college home.  More details for Why Church Day can be found at www.whychurch.net

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