Where to Start: How to Help Students with Mental Health Needs

When it comes to walking with students through a mental health crisis or dealing with trauma in their lives, it helps to already have an action plan in place. Below are some suggestions and ways to help students as they encounter difficult times and need professional help. 

Begin with Knowing

  1. Know your options

-Know what on-campus resources are available to your students

-Know what churches in your area have counselors on staff

-Know what reliable counseling services are in your community

  1. Know your way

-Locate the on-campus counseling center and meet the staff

-Determine what churches in your area offer counseling services and the process for providing services to a college student

  1. Know your plan

-Plan to walk students to the on-campus counseling center and connect them with the available resources

-Call and connect to church counselors; if possible set up a time for the student to meet or receive an email about setting up an appointment

-Check on the availability of counseling in the community; whether the counselor is taking new clients, insurance, etc.

A Few Resources

The 988 Partner Toolkit is for several emergency needs an individual may have and is full of useful information and resources – 988 Partner Toolkit | SAMHSA. The new National Suicide Prevention Text Line – Dial 988.

Mentalhealthandjesus.com – A website designed to give hope and resources to students who are deeply struggling. 

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