Why Connecting Campus-Based and Church-Based Collegiate Ministers Is a Must

Beth Masters

At times, leading a college ministry can be lonely and make moving forward can sometimes seem impossible. But, what if we could find the right balance for our individual contexts that allow ministry to flourish and more disciples to be made? Common goals are needed as well as a vision for accomplishing something great before people will follow a leader and especially before leaders can work together.

Over her years in college ministry, Beth Masters had students step down from volunteer leadership positions, be asked to step away from their role as a leader, and be removed as leaders. In those times, both as a church-based and campus-based college minister, she had those difficult conversations one-on-one or with a small group of people. She didn’t include another college minister until recently.

In this blog, Masters explains why working together as campus-based and church-based ministry leaders is such an amazing picture of the family of God. Read the full article here.

Beth Masters has served college students going on 15 years on multiple campuses in FL, LA, and MS. Currently she serves at Mississippi College as the Director of Christian Life and Ministries while also serving as a ministry-based faculty member at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. 

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