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When I served through the IMB Students Hands On program in Asia in the fall of 2013, one of my closest friends was RiRi*. She comes from a Muslim family and is very devoted to her religion. She is always concerned about the time to pray.International Ministry

Since she is a college student we had things in common and always had a good time together. We met up every week to talk about different things. We talked about God and lots of other things from the first time we met. One of her questions was, “In your country, are you allowed to change your religion?” I said, “Why do you want to know?” RiRi* said because here in Indonesia you can’t change what you believe. If you are Muslim you die as a Muslim. Her question surprised me and because of that I started sharing many different things concerning God and the truth about Jesus Christ.

After several conversations, I asked her if she had ever read the New Testament because the Koran suggests it. RiRi* said no, but she knew a little bit of Christianity because she had another friend who believes in Jesus.

One day, while we were sitting in my room, she suddenly said, “Hey Audrey*, what do you call the small books in your book and the numbers?” (chapters and verses). After explaining this I gave her the book of John in her native language.

RiRi’s* birthday was a special day! I met her for dinner. All day I was thinking about what I could give her and God prompted me to give her a New Testament. After eating I thanked her for her friendship. Then I told her, “I have something for you that is very precious to me and because I love you as my friend I want to give you a Book. Don’t think I want you to change what you believe, but this is the Word of the Father. If there is something you need to change do it not because of people but because of Him.”

When I gave her the New Testament, she was very happy! Then RiRi* said, “This is my first birthday present.” Wow!! That broke my heart, but at the same time I gave thanks to God because the present was the Bible.

Please pray for RiRi*, that she will keep reading the Bible and through it the truth of Jesus will be revealed to her. Pray that one day RiRi* will give her life to Christ no matter what her family will say.

By Audrey*, IMB Hands On Student Missionary, Fall 2013

*Names changed

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