Ministry in NYC

Austin West, Collegiate Coordinator NYC

Supporting college ministry in New York City is uniquely challenging. With close to 100 campuses and nearly 1,000,000 students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, neighborhoods, with different areas of study and expertise, finding an approach to meet each student where they are can be challenging. Our ministry, Commons NYC is dedicated to helping the local church navigate these complex and difficult divides to bridge the gap between college student and church home. Partnering with local churches, we work to build relationships and close partnerships that are “yoked” together under the unifying vision of the gospel to see college students mobilized from the city to the church, but also to see the gospel catalyze movement from the church to the city. We work within a structure that sees 9 leaders from all around the city lead ministry that sees the local church take ownership of collegiate worship and discipleship. We are excited to see churches hosting 3 different monthly worship services that will serve Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Brooklyn!

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